• PsakDin.co.il

    Founder & Editor of the Israeli largest legal network - PsakDin ("Judgment")

  • Pro-Bono

    Chairman of the Israel BAR Association's Pro-Bono Program - "Schar Mitzva"

  • Team Work

    We believe in teamwork! The founder of the firm, Advocates Shahar Welner, and his colleagues Steve Gross, Jonathan Rein, Sagyh Haim Luria, Eyal Reuven Welner, Elad Ashri, Adi Chen, Yohanan Gehler, Yael Griner and Snir Zehavi.
     have been working together for years. They have vast experience in working together in a wide variety of legal situations.
    A legal team is assembled for every case in the firm, depending upon need. The firm’s lawyers have rich experience in representation in complex litigation cases and in providing legal advice for unique transactions, enabling them to professionally handle cases thoroughly and in great depth.
    The firm’s clients receive personal treatment and attention. The team is tailored specifically to suit each client, thereby facilitating optimal access, personal handling, and immediate responses 
  • Legal Knowledge

    Up-to-date legal information is power! The firm is co-owner of the Israeli legal website PsakDin.co.il, and serves as its legal editor. It thereby acquires unprecedented legal knowledge and online legal information that provides it with extraordinary legal capabilities.

    The most widely used legal website in Israel! PsakDin is the legal channel of the Ynet website. It provides legal opinions for the Calcalist website and daily legal content for the Israel Bar Association and its tens of thousands of members.

    Adv. Shahar Welner, the editor-in-chief of PsakDin, manages the website editorial board, which is responsible for the writings of hundreds of jurists and for the analyzing and editing of thousands of units of information weekly, including rulings, legislative amendments, articles, legal news reports, etc.

  • Welner International

    Global legal service. the firm was the Israeli representative of the Law Europe International legal organization.
    Adv. Welner was the first Israeli representative in the media and intellectual property group of the Law Europe International organization; this facilitates the provision of international legal service in the field of media and intellectual property.
    The firm includes lawyers whose native languages are English, French, Russian, and Flemish, and lawyers with international legal education and licenses to practice law.The Altshuler-Welner law firm is the Israeli representative of the Law Europe International legal organization.